Vassilis Gratsounas

Vassilis Gratsounas was born in Athens Greece at 1955, and he owns the superior guitar diploma and higher theoretical music lessons. In 1988 he set up with his wife Maria Galani, their own Music School in Athens which name in 2002 changed into ”enorganis” Conservatory of Music. Together they manage the School with Mr. Gratsounas us an artistic Director.

    As a musician Vassilis Gratsounas he has worked on educational music methods and improvisation, showing his musical and technical mastery as on the guitar as on the stringed instruments of minor Asia. His guitar teachers Stathis Michalopoulos, Dimitris Fampas, Notis Mauroudis and Costas Cotsiolis, had been very important for his music progress.

    Since 1990 he has worked on traditional Greek music and instruments especially on the lute and Lyre from Constantinople, also Ud, Tampour with bow, and different kinds of flutes. In addition he has researched the structure of the above instruments and he has emphasized on Istanbul’s Lyre. He has also composed pieces for the theater, ballet and cinema, which played from the national radio and television orchestra. Also he has worked arrangement and revised violin & guitar consents and symphonic music works for small groups. The publishing houses of   Panas Music, S. Nikolaidis , F. Nakas & Υοrkmark  Kazasoglou, have published his works.