Notis Mavroudis 

For six decades, Notis Mavroudis, along with his teaching career, has a strong presence in all the guitar proceedings of our country. He studied guitar at the National Conservatoire with Demetris Fambas, and in 1969 in Spain with Jose Tomas.

   As a soloist and guitar tutor, but as a composer of art songs as well, he gave many concerts and recitals, in Greece and abroad. In 1965 he was awarded the 1st Prize at the Thessaloniki Song Festival and in 1969 the 1st Prize at the International Guitar Contest in Milan. In 1990 he was awarded at the international child song contest in Lisbon. In the same year the Brazilian Embassy in Greece awards him the «Heitor Villa-Lobbos» for his contribution on the popularization of the work of the Brazilian composer in Greece.

  His presence through all these years is unfailing, with compositions for Theatre and Cinema, columns in newspapers and magazines, interactions with radio stations, as well as a web project that began in 1969 in the Music Academy of the municipality of Milan, and continued from 1975 in Greece (chiefly in Athens). He has at times taken over managing positions in national institutes and organizations and he has been an art director in a number of festivals. From 1983 to 1987 he publishes and manages the only guitar magazine, Tar (string), while he organizes important concerts of world famous guitarists.

   His rich discography includes acts for classic guitar and compositions with popular singers. In 2000 he started a 6-record series in the form of a duet entitled «Café de l’ Art», recording various types and seasons of music. In 2005 and 2006, he wins the “Arion” award for this series of albums with cinema music and adaptations of songs of Tsitsanis and Vamvakaris.

   In 2002 he established the record Label “Corifeo” of “Eros music” company, which is distinguished for the exceptional alternative publications of various music types. Particularly interesting is his artistic monitoring and the co-ordination over 29 Greek guitarists, recording the history of half a century’s guitar discography entitled: “Master Class”. From 2006 he is the person in charge of the musical planning of the “Athenian Underground”. From October 2006, he is running the web periodical TaR, in the web page: