Vassilis Vasileiadis

Vassilis Vasileiadis was born in Greece in 1956.

He studied electronic engineering and worked also within the field of woodworking. His interest on stringed instruments goes back in early 80s, when he built his first handmade classical guitar.

Nowadays Vassilis lives in Kozani, where he has established his guitar workshop.

His passion to study acoustics andwood behavior and to research on instruments’ construction led him to handcraft elegant classical guitars andestablished himself as a professional luthier.

His crafts manship has been appreciated by famous guitar players all over the world.

Through the past 30 years Vassilis has built a process of guitar making that is based upon proved methods of construction, methodical experiments and tools developed in his workshop. Thus, he is able to control precisely the quality of the instrument in every stage of the construction, resulting in highly appreciated handmade guitars.

The guitars are handcrafted in a controlled environment concerning humidity and temperature.

The tone woods used are quarter sawn(and straight grained when required),carefully selected and provided by specialized global suppliers. The tonewoods are stored for years in an appropriate and protected room until they mature.

Every single guitar leaving the workshop is accompanied by a guaranty.

Vassilis’ main concern to offer a compelling experience of sound to every guitar player has resulted in exquisite instruments that are distinguished for their quality, durability and precision in detail.

For the bodyIndian Rosewood or Bubinga, certified from CITES, Canadian Cherry and South Brazil Paofero.

For the neck Honduras Cedar or Mahogany enhanced with Banduk or Wege, while for the fingerboard Ebony.