Laurent Boutros, guitarist and composer 


Born near Paris in 1964, Laurent Boutros was attracted at a very early age by music of oral traditions, in which spontaneity and improvisation occupy an important place. In 1984, he met Raúl Maldonado, an Argentinian guitarist and composer who gave concrete expression to his dream of familiarizing himself with the folk culture

of Argentina and several other Latin American countries, whilst validating training as a classical guitarist. Later on, he would return to his own origins, finding his musical path in Near-Eastern-sounding writing, inspired by the folk music of Armenia and other countries of the Caucasus. Beginning in 1993, several of his compositions were published by Editions Henry Lemoine and, more recently by Productions d’Oz. To date, he has played on several continents and is active as a concert artist, both solo or in trio.

As a composer, he has had a number of works commissioned including one in 2004 at the request of the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, to create and record on the guitar music inspired by Joan Miró’s ‘ Harlequin’s Carnival’ for the ‘Birth of the World’ exhibition. In recent years, he has made several tours in Mexico, Cuba and Argentina and also appeared regularly in Italy, Spain and Poland. Various Asian tours are planned for 2016 and 2017. Thailand (Asia International Guitar Festival in Bangkok), Japan and China are some of his upcoming destinations as Taiwan. Recently he record  his third CD “ Vals for Atom”.

Skarbo. DSK 1143